Online Craps: Roll-up, Roll-up and Discover the Ultimate Dice Game

Shooting dice seems to take a back seat in casino popularity, it’s not as commonly played as other casino games such as poker and blackjack, though still a numbers game and just not using cards, throwing those cubes certainly carries with it a greater edge of excitement. So here in our ‘how to’ guide, we are going to look at the three basic dynamics of the craps game and getting craps free.

Intro: Online Craps

1. How to play

2. The strategies you can use

3. The tournaments.

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Introducing you to the craps online game and explaining why this a game that should not be ignored

So online craps is a game played with dice and your money, in the land of casino games, craps online actually have the best odds of all of them! The players will gamble on the outcome of the dices roll or a series of rolls, using a pair of dice. The players will bet against each other, which is known as ‘shooting dice’. If they play against a banker then its ‘table craps’. One of the few games to develop from English roots with the game hazard, it was soon twisted by the French, to then be later modernized by the Americans. The odd name of the game actually translates to ‘toad’ in French, given the posture of those which play the game crouched down on the streets.

From the cobbled streets, up through French provinces and winding its way to New Orleans, Craps has finally settled in its new home, the internet. Online casinos have now made this game available to the masses and with online craps new found place of being, comes with it large jackpot prizes to be won and free games to participate in.

As you are no doubt a beginner to the world of craps, the online options for gaming will come in handy as you begin your journey to understanding and learning this casino game and dice with a bit of fun! Ready to play craps online?

Get hold of your very own craps simulator and play for free whilst you use our professional strategies

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The most complex part of the craps game is the table, at first glance you’ll probably want to pass on the idea and just find a new hobby, but breaking it down to its spate components will make it easier to understand. That's why you need an online craps simulator.

  • The Pass line: This is for those wishing to place bets that support you as the player. Firstly you will make an even money bet on your first roll. Land a 7 or 11 and you win. Land a 2, 3 or 12 and you lose. Any other form of numbers become the ‘point’ it’s at this stage others players can join in.
  • Don’t Pass line: for those wishing to go with their instinct and bet against you. The principle is the reverse of the Pass Line.
  • Come: Bets made at any time after you the shooter has a ‘point’, again you win with 7 or 11 and lose with 2, 3 and 12. Land an alternative number again and the process repeats
  • Don’t Come: Played just like the Come bet but the reverse, so you lose on a 7 or 11.
  • Field: You’ll see the numbers marked on the table as 3. 4. 9. 10. 11. On the left of this before the 3 number you have 2, which pays double and is highlighted with a circle, after the 11 number on the right you have 12 which is also circled and pays double. This is a one roll bet that see you win even money on rolling a 3. 4. 9. 10. 11 and lose on a 5. 6. 7. or 8.
  • Big 6 and 8: Betting on these numbers to be rolled before the next 7 is diced.
  • Any Seven: You win if you roll a 7 on the first attempt after placing a bet.
  • Hardways: This is a bet put forward that the shooter will roll a pair. Roll a 7 and you lose.
  • Craps: You win if you roll a 2,3 or 12 after you have placed the bet.
  • Eleven: You win if you roll 11 on the first throw when you make your bet.

Granted it may take some time to learn and remember but this just shows all the various ways that you can win as there are so many betting options. To help, it’s good to look out for free online craps, no download options, to save you time and your computer filling with needless software. This site will help you get started in this area,

You get the enjoy free online craps and with that you’ll master the game, ready to face the real money tables

Firstly becoming accustomed to the game will be of massive benefit to you, find and utilize the free online casino games and pick up the habit of playing and learning first hand. Free craps gives you the player a chance to experience online craps without any financial transaction, so you won’t lose any money whilst you practice. Talking of practice, you can head over to and get advice on playing free online games.

As the house has an advantage you should make your bets small and build steadily, using about 1/20th of your balance each time. In the game the casino is at its weakest on the Don’t Pass bets, their advantage is cut from 5% down to 1.36%. There are also various books written about the control of the dice, techniques on how to throw and getting your body into the correct position to execute the skill with precision. As this idea is flawed because our game takes place online, it’s recommended to ignore this approach. For more free tips for craps online then head on over to the site in the link.

You can also play craps online free to ready yourself for the number of Crap tournaments which take place

Casinos now recognize the demand to increase the entertainment factor and they duly obliged and presented Craps tournaments. Entries come with low buy in and reward with huge payouts and thusly make them extremely popular. When you play craps online in the casino, by this point you’ll already be a member, not only will you profit from the jackpot prize should you win, but the additional member perks will come with additional cash prizes and VIP points to boost you to higher levels or tiers and this allows for more craps for free.

To learn how this works for casinos based in South African regions, please head to our guide on online casinos in South Africa, where we discuss the gambling situation when it comes to craps and many more online casino games.

The task of the tournament is to beat your opponents by being the player to gain the most profit from an equal starting point. Those competing in a final will have the same reward money to begin from, so basically, whoever makes the biggest profit margin will win! You will be able to enjoy tournament sessions with a free craps app found online, so you can enjoy endless craps online whilst out! But the best advice is to practice craps online.